Top Reasons to Have a Celebrity Wedding Celebrant at Your Wedding – Melbourne

It’s important to choose a celebrant who will add that special touch to your wedding. Finding a Melbourne celebrity wedding celebrant is easy.

Who do you want to lead your wedding ceremony?

Someone formal, casual, fun?

Finding the right celebrant who brings life to your big day can be challenging, but for a Melbourne celebrity wedding celebrant, you don’t need to look much further.

Top Reasons to Have a Celebrity Wedding Celebrant at Your Wedding – Melbourne

It is so important to pick the right celebrant for your wedding. You want someone who can embody both your collective personalities, providing an enjoyable experience for everyone. Someone with a unique presence that shines through and puts you both at ease.

Elizabeth Hui and Raymond Lee are both quirky and creative, and felt that for the wedding, fun over formal was preferred. Raymond proposed with a ring cleverly placed in a floating gift box like the one from Elizabeth’s favourite game Animal Crossing. At their Bramleigh Estate wedding, that same box featured in the ceremony, holding the rings and walked down the aisle by their ringbearer, Elizabeth’s nephew.

The couple put so much sentiment and elements of significance into their wedding, all the while keeping it light and fun. And one of the things that made it fun was their celebrant, Mike Larkan.

Wedding Celebrant Melbourne Celebrity
Melbourne Celebrity Wedding Celebrant

Celebrity Celebrants Can Add Dimension to Your Wedding

It’s a surprise to most that celebrity celebrants exist and are available to add something special to your big day. Oftentimes, they make you and your guests feel comfortable, calm, and happy. That’s certainly a big positive on a day where you want everyone to have a great time.

Celebrity celebrants are ideal, because they have the ability to entertain and delight your guests. They take charge, so you can enjoy and soak in the wonderful memories of the day.

Elizabeth and Raymond asked Mike Larkan to be their celebrant, as have so many other happy couples. Known as one of the country’s favourite TV weather personalities, he is much sought after. He is warm and exudes a genuine energy that is just infectious. Mike is one of many high-profile celebrants you should consider for your wedding.

Soon-to-be-married Melbourne couples, does this sound like your type of wedding?

Mike Larkan can help you bring it to life.

Reach out to Mike to find out how!