Add A Touch of humour with Melbourne Marriage Celebrant Mike Larkan

Finding the right person to officiate your wedding is so important. Mike Larkan knows how to make your ceremony perfect, want a serious ceremony,  or to add a touch of humor to your wedding, Melbourne based Marriage Celebrant Mike Larkan has you covered. 

The ideal celebrant takes charge, making the couple feel comfortable and keeping the guests entertained.

This Melbourne marriage celebrant has years of experience getting to know each couple so he can tailor-make a ceremony that’s perfect for them. 

Featured in Herald Sun: Marriage Celebrant Mike Larkan

Would you like a celebrant who is formal or fun? Conservative or casual?

The right person will lead your ceremony and set the tone you want. He or she can bring life to your big day, so you’ll want to pick wisely.

Chantal Cousens and Dylan Wright chose Mike Larkan to officiate as their celebrant. Mike is affable and immediately puts people at ease with his sense of humour, which is why he’s one of the most popular celebrants in Victoria.

Chantal and Dylan are a couple who value sentimentality with a lighthearted touch. Their grandparents were heavily involved in different aspects of the ceremony and the couple fondly remembers the smiles, love and laughter all around them.

Mike was exactly the right person to lead the ceremony.


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Picture: Kate and Harry Photography

melbourne marriage celebrant

Picture: Kate and Harry Photography

Choose Someone Who ‘Gets’ You

You’ll want someone who can take both your personalities and turn that into providing an enjoyable experience for everyone.

It should be a person with a unique presence – whether they are casual and fun or more on the conservative and formal side.

They should have the skill to hold everyone’s attention, be entertaining in their own way, and ensure the couple is at ease and happy.

All this is just what you need on a day where you hope you and your guests will have a wonderful time and make lots of happy memories.

A correctly chosen celebrant can add that special touch and bring life to your wedding. Reach out to Mike Larkan Marriage Celebrant to see how he can be that person.